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The Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trials are a source of considerable political controversy in Malaysia.The first trial was held in 1998, and resulted in former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim being convicted, and given a nine-year prison sentence.

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Abū Bakr al-Baghmani (Arabic: أبو بكر البغدادي ‎; born Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim al-Badri إبراهيم عواد إبراهيم علي محمد البدري السامرائي in 1971) is the leader of the Salafi jihadist militant terrorist organisation known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which controls

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Oct 03, 2014 · The most recent chapter in the spinosaurus’ long and very bizarre tale occurred last year when Nizar Ibrahim, a German-Moroccan palaeontologist from the University of Chicago, uncovered the most complete skeleton fossil of the species yet found in Morocco’s Sahara Desert.

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Dato’ Seri Diraja Anwar bin Dato’ Ibrahim (lahir 10 Ogos 1947) ialah seorang ahli politik Malaysia, yang berkhidmat sebagai Ketua Pembangkang di Parlimen Malaysia, atas kapasitinya sebagai Ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh.

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Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans recently chaired a roundtable with ten Muslim imams from six EU Member States (Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands).

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Yes. Raymond Ibrahim continues to excoriate the asinine pusillanimous so-called intellectuals who are nothing but a fifth column seemingly unable to carry out any kind of critical self-examination.

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