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I laughed a lot playing Far Cry 5. Whether it was wingsuiting my beautiful face into a bridge one minute, being headbutted off my ATV by a pissed moose the next, or repeatedly watching my pet bear – on command – shake men in the air like a puppy with a toy. Genuine laughs all around. And then there

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Since the 16th century, doctors have reported cases of people who cry blood. Some once considered haemolacria—an extremely rare disorder that causes tears that are partially or entirely made of blood—something akin to stigmata, but doctors now have a bit of a better understanding of why some

On this issue I’m a massive stereotype of a parent. My s make me laugh hard & cry tears of joy. I am trying to make our days more about their hood and not about being a tv-watching-getting-nothing-done mum.

Ariana Grande Makes a Triumphant Musical Return With “No Tears Left to Cry”

Mar 27, 2018 · Hollywood weak: ‘American Idol’ makes contestant cry with cruel joke

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Why asparagus makes your pee smell and onions make you cry: Chemistry teacher’s DIY infographics reveal truth behind strange effects of certain foods

Justin Timberlake Makes Super Bowl Selfie Cry With Another Surprise

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The world of “Far Cry 5” is hauntingly beautiful, but is filled with odd storytelling and repetitive moments.

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