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The Teen Titans, also known as the New Teen Titans and the Titans, are a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, often in an eponymous monthly series.As the group’s name suggests, its members are teenage superheroes, many of whom have acted as sidekicks to DC’s premiere superheroes in …

TEEN TITANS #19 is a very satisfying conclusion to the “It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green” arc. With incredible characterization and art, this story only truly suffers from a too sudden end to the overarching conflict.

Warner Bros. Pictures has brought online a new Teen Titans GO! to the Movies TV spot. The big screen feature will open in theaters on July 27.

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“Titans East (Part I of IV)”: Ravager brings her man Jericho to New York City so that he can stay at Nightwing’s place until he can adjust to being alive again. Ravager brings her man Jericho to New York City so that he can stay at Nightwing’s place until he can adjust to being alive again.

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The Teen Titans are a group of teenage heroes who keep the world safe from the clutches of evil. The main group of the Titans comprises of the founding members, although there are two other teams located on the eastern and western sides of America. They are in charge of protecting their

Teen Titans Go! is a comic book series that was published by DC Comics.It is based on the 2003 animated TV series Teen Titans, which is itself loosely based on the team that starred in the popular 1980s comic The New Teen Titans.The series was written by J. Torres with Todd Nauck and Larry Stucker as the regular illustrators. The series …

Terra was a former member of the Teen Titans, whose role as a hero or villain is complicated. Until the episodes Aftershock – Part 1 and Part 2, she was confused and insecure, only wishing to be a heroine and a friend of the Teen Titans. However, she was led astray by Slade, who tempted her by

Starfire (Koriand’r) is a member of the Teen Titans and one of the main protagonists of Teen Titans Go!. She is voiced by Hynden Walch. “Starfire! She’s an intergalactic beauty. But whatever you do, never ever look her in the eye or mess up her hair!”

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A description of tropes appearing in Teen Titans. The most famous team of teenage Super Heroes in The DCU (but not the first). Often referred to as a ” …

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